Macho Magic at Wrestlemania VII

Longterm booking. It's essentially a meme at this point. When Kofi Kingston referenced the famous "stupid" incident recently with Randy Orton from 2009, people jumped to make the "longterm booking" joke. That's because the idea of WWE actually booking a storyline longer than a week or two in continuity and character growth is laughable. But what, actually, is real longterm booking?

Alt-Wrestling: What is AEW Giving Me That WWE is Not?

It's no secret that WWE has gotten painfully stale. Every single Raw and Smackdown have exactly the same elements. We will have a long, drawn out promo to start the show, that usually sets up a completely meaningless 6-man tag match. When I watch Raw, I know that really only the only segments that matter will be at the top of each hour. I can freely fast-forward through then.