WWE Smackdown Live “Cowboy” Notes – June 11th, 2019

  • “Pest In The World” is lame. Should’ve been “Bitch of the worlddddddddddd.”
  • H8ers gonna h8. Shane-O-Mac is 2nd best heel in this company. HEELS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BOOED. You’re getting worked.
  • Face Miz, again, is absolute garbage.
  • Nothing makes “Cowboy” Bob fast-forward more than a 6-man tag.
  • LOL “Let’s have our match right now.” Honestly, the internet doesn’t deserve the brilliance of Shane-O-Mac. And the celebration. Oh man. This is glorious stuff.
  • I’m a journalist, but Sonya Deville is incredibly hot.
  • Mandy Rose needs the Smackdown title.
  • Ember Moon should also be a future champion. No acting outside of screaming though. Wasn’t she supposed to be a werewolf or some shit? Why can’t women ever have any wacky supernatural characters?
  • The true WWE champion, Daniel Bryan, comes out. And unfortunately he has been sacrificed at the altar of Kofi.
  • Heavy Machinery have microphones and it’s not going well. All they have is that fattie’s worm. And admittedly it’s a good worm, but still.
  • Carmella is a SURVIVOR. She knows how to stay relevant outside of a division that only has a main event scene. Whether it be R-Truth or James Ellsworth, she knows a great comedy act when she sees it and keeps herself in the spotlight.
  • Oh man, this Jinder Mahal “Mella” impression is hilariously awful.
  • Sonya Deville gets zero pop. Which is criminal. She is awesome.
  • Bayley sucks. This should be a whole post.
  • Surprising little pop at Alexa’s pep talk to Nikki Cross. Doesn’t hurt that Bayley sucks.
  • Funny Big E line on Charlotte. But making fun of The Queen is sacrilege.
  • I think Dolph is really pushing for “It should’ve been me” shirts and I don’t see it happening.
  • Hey internet, Bayley is the most unattractive woman on the main roster and she can’t cut a promo to save her world and she runs around and dresses like she’s mentally challenged. That out-of-touch Vince sure messed that one up!
  • That Bray Wyatt “Oh MERCY” was hilarious. I know it was a lazy repeat of last night, but still.
  • The murder of Rambling Rabbit was unsettling, there I said it.
  • Hell is a sports bar filled with fifteen 70 inch 4k tvs playing 6 man tags.
  • Poor Sami. Another week of pretending Kofi Kingston isn’t the worst WWE Champion in the history of the company.

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