WWE Monday Night Raw – June 10th 2019 “Cowboy” Notes

Raw is unwatchable and I fast-forward much of it. Therefore, instead of a “Recap”, I’m going to give you scattered notes:

  • Seth Rollins aka Generic Bland Babyface comes out with his chair, totally ignoring that he had to punch Brock in the balls to save his title, and the fact that in real life Brock would literally murder him with his bare hands.
  • I’ll keep saying it: Too many guys with long hair and beards. Enough. Draw straws and change up your looks. Roman, Seth, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Ali. Too many.
  • Baron Corbin is an absolute heel heat magnet. This is a man who knows exactly what he is doing. Pretty sensational to see how far he’s come from the totally vanilla biker gimmick.
  • Oh good, it’s Kevin Owens to set up a totally meaningless main event that nobody cares about. Owens is, and has been, way too wormy for way too long. The bad-ass brawler who took out Sami Zayn in NXT is who he should be.
  • I love the 24/7 title ZANYNESS and I love R-Truth, but the elevator gimmick tonight doesn’t work for me. Can’t shoot 100% from the field. Please don’t discourage them from doing more.
  • Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch in the same segment blatantly exposes that Lacey is better than Becky Lynch in literally every single conceivable way. Lacey Evans needs a nice, long, legendary heel title run. Some people just have “it” and you know it instantly.
  • It really did sound like Alexa called Bayley a hooker.
  • When “Cowboy” Bob got back into wrestling in 2015, his favorite wrestler was The Miz from January 2015 until all the way until maybe mid-2017. The new face Miz is not even in the top 15. Turn this man heel STAT. And stop talking about your baby.
  • Also, I’ve seen maybe 25 combined minutes of Miz & Mrs. in my life randomly, and it’s more fake than pro wrestling.
  • Braun peaked 2 years ago.
  • Normal by-the-numbers Heyman promo, which is still better than 95% of the main roster. And The Immortal Stephanie McMahon is even better than him.
  • I’m sorry, I will forever be a mark for The Best In the Worldddddddddddddddddddd, Shane-O-Mac.
  • Are these two jobbers seriously still the tag team champions?
  • Firefly Funhouse is the best Bray Wyatt has been since we all foolishly thought he would beat The Undertaker at Mania. If this all results is same old Bray, except now with Clown mask, it will be shockingly predictable but still sad.
  • The main event means nothing.
  • I sincerely believe the only thing that can save Raw instantly is the debut, and instant push to the WWE title, of Velveteen Dream.

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