WWE Monday Night Raw – June 24th, 2019 “Cowboy” Notes

  • Seth and Becky look like they are playing a couple instead of actually being a couple. Weird, awkward lack of chemistry.
  • Big pop for Corbin! At least from “Cowboy” Bob’s apartment. And out of 4 people, it was just me. But still.
  • “Go home, put on an apron, and make a sandwich for The Man”. This is old school, phenomenal heel work.
  • Once Lacey made the challenge for Extreme Rules, the UGHHHHHH from the audience at this apartment was hysterical.
  • Oh man. “Winners Take All”. Both titles on the line. This has the potential to be the “Cowboy” Bob event of the year. The two greatest heels in the company with the chance to BOTH get the belts.
  • And I think it will happen! I predict Extreme Rules will be like the Avengers: Infinity War of WWE. The worst possible timeline (for everyone but me), where “boring” Corbin and the sassy southern belle take the championships.
  • And then Summerslam will be WWE’s Endgame where the heroes triumphantly get their belts back. No matter. As long as Corbin and Lacey have their time in the limelight.
  • Oh Jesus Christ. Strowman vs Lashley in a tug of war. I’m now regretting inviting friends for this as I cannot fast forward.
  • The rare subtlety from WWE! Abby the Witch ominously in the background as Miz walks by is excellent stuff.
  • R-Truth is truly a treasure. “Hornswoggle, you got that match!” Man is this gold.
  • That Shane OOOOOH-AHHHHH spear – a thing of beauty.
  • Okay say what you will. That Undertaker shit was the first legit surprise in forever.
  • Let’s enjoy the moment before I point out that we could be looking at Roman vs Undertaker II at Summerslam
  • Few things shittier in life than a worked tug of war.
  • The Club get no entrance so they have no chance to win.
  • Uh oh, did Cole just drop a “Viking Experience”?
  • Mojo sighting!
  • Heath wins! Much like the immortal Bo Dallas, you never go wrong with a Heath segment.
  • Okay Truth retains. I love Truth. I’m fine with this.
  • Love that Cedric Alexander finisher, but Truth needs that belt back.
  • Poor EC3.
  • Remember when the Ultimate Warrior would stuff pancakes into his belt before coming out?
  • Sami Zayn shitting all over Charlie Caruso’s “interviewing” ability is fantastic.
  • “Not Renee” (!!!)
  • For a guy who just beat Sami Zyan and Kevin Owens in one night, Kofi sure got a tepid reaction for “cleaning house”.
  • Can we please, finally, for once, have a title reign for Joe?
  • Credit where it’s due. Kofi sells an all-out asskicking well.
  • Man the hype for this AJ Styles and Ricochet match.
  • AJ Styles is so good at selling that he should win an Emmy.
  • Uh-oh, did Cole just call us “WWE fans”?
  • Nice to see AJ looking strong.
  • Surprisingly good Raw.

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