Deonna Purrazzo Looked Fat

A quick mini-blog.

That title took quite a bit of time to come up with. Last night on Monday Night Raw, Deonna Purrazzo came out to face Asuka, and the Reddit community went up in flames at the live reactions.

Apparently, Redditors were commenting that she looked “fat”. /r/SquaredCircle had a fucking conniption about it, with the usual white knight assholes crying and praying that “any woman who comes here knows they don’t represent us!!!” Another rocket scientist even had to point out that we have to “Be cognizant that many Trump supporters post here”. Because Orange Man Bad, of course. He must be behind this!

Now, I’ll be the first to say that the internet is full of the biggest shitbags on the planet. But here’s the truth, guys: She looked fat.

She did. Her belly was clearly protruding, and it was really obvious when she was breathing heavy. She simply did not look in shape for a WWE superstar. It’s a fact.

Now, did she look fat if she was walking into a local bar in New Jersey? Not at all. As my longtime hateful rival “Heartbreak” Biz said in our group chat, would the lowlives on the internet calling her fat cream their pants if she gave them a lapdance? Absolutely.

Deonna Purrazzo is a beautiful woman.

However, we’re not comparing Deonna Purrazzo to your run of the mill girl at the bar.

She is being compared to Charlotte Flair. Bayley. Carmella. These are sculpted athletes/fitness models with washboard abs. Aside from women like Nia Jax and Tamina, who are obviously built for their roles, these women are nearly flawless looking. Ember Moon can be made an argument for, but she is more “thick” than flabby.

If you want to climb into a WWE ring, I’m sorry, but look is a major factor. This isn’t a legitimate sport. It’s a performance piece. Anybody who says that they aren’t paying attention to the body of a hot woman in skin-tight spandex jumping and bouncing all over the ring is either astronomically gay or lying to you. There’s no in-between.

And I’m equal opportunity! Aleister Black has an awful body for WWE.

Check out Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy this week at TLC.

Black has the tattoos. The entrance. The music. The distinguished moveset.

But Buddy Murphy looks like a WWE wrestler. Is Aleister Black in good shape if he was hanging out at the local YMCA with the Redditors who pretend the female superstars aren’t partially sex objects? Of course.

But is Aleister Black in good shape when he stands next to Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns? Not even close. It’s like a different league.

In summary: Deonna Purrazzo is an attractive, healthy woman. She showed lots of moxie in her personality as well. But acting like her body is not a part of her overall makeup as a wrestler is naive at best.

9 thoughts on “Deonna Purrazzo Looked Fat

  1. Yeah, I’m sure Alexa and Sasha both completely unaware that their ass cheeks are hanging out of their trunks and it’s completely unintentional. I didn’t know being attracted to woman that are clearly presenting themselves as such is another way republicans are destroying the world.

    Blah, blah, wrestling fans have turned into giant pussies.


    1. I edited it for you. Apparently I can do that.

      It’s so absurd. I’m sure when Charlotte got gigantic breast implants and does a split in the ring leaning over and winking at the camera that this was all done to enhance her “athletic ability” huh?

      Please. Looks are a major component of this show. They aren’t accountants.


  2. Happy to have you back friend!, I’ve never seen women being sex objects as a bad thing, nor is calling out a woman for looking “fat”, telling a woman she looks fat is the only way you can get them to improve. These women are showing off for an audience of millions, with a majority of men, so you should cater to that male majority. If this means having worse womens matches, but hotter women? Then so be it!


    1. Welcome back, my friend! Next blog dedicated to you!

      Don’t ever let anybody fool you that this is a real athletic competition. It’s a show. Absolutely fair game to judge all of the performers on their looks, male or female. If your gimmicks is to be a major chubbz, like Nia Jax, that’s fine. If your gimmick is to be a “wrestler”, then you are being judged against Carmella and Naomi and their flawless bodies. It just is what it is.


    2. No, Deonna is nowhere near fat. *R&B music starts* Rhythm is a dancer, you need a companion! Man, I guess that must be her! Body like the summer, touch it like no other! Don’t you tell ’em what you do! Don’t tell ’em, don’t tell ’em! You ain’t e-, you ain’t even gotta tell ’em, don’t tell ’em!


  3. A whole blog post just for me? I’m honored 😊

    My far more unpopular opinion is that they should’ve stayed Divas, because the women’s card will always in the fans eyes be lower than men, so there isn’t a point in calling them the same thing (and bringing the Divas title back is my other unpopular one)


  4. Man, I don’t watch wrestling enough, but I saw a couple of pictures of this wrestler and thought she looked good. Then I saw her in video format and I went “Aaaah, I see”.

    I co-sign everything you said. Except that this is not about her being a sex object at all. It’s about being an athletes and us wanting to see athletes who are in their top shape. I don’t watch fat UFC fighters, I don’t watch fat sprinters (if there is such a thing). In the same lines, I don’t want to watch an out of shape wrestler. You are taking a spot in the card from wrestlers working hard and caring about their crafts (which their physiques are a part of) and you owe it to yourself, the fans and the company to be your best self and not out of shape.

    And she most certainly IS out of shape. Not “thick”. Not “Curvy”. This woman is 20-30 pounds overweight and could easily get in better shape if she cared for it.



  5. Wow what a massive piece of shit you are!
    I don’t know what is worse heavy metal music fans or wrestling fans? Fact is the majority of so called “fans” commenting on women being fat haven’t seen their own toes for 20+ years with their fat guts.
    Oh the old you’re a homo if you don’t lear at women trope. Whatever helps you sleep at night for being a giant piece of shit.

    Majority of ye guys need to show your mam’s, wives, sisters or daughters the utter shite ye are posting on the internet and see how they look at you from now on.

    Pathetic scum, enjoy being an embarrassment knuckle dragging inbreds.


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