Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch Truly Proves The Internet Fans Are The Dumb-EST

SummerSlam 2021. A day that will live in infamy. A sassy, lovable, American black woman was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Empire of Ireland. This was a day of mourning all throughout the cesspool of the wrestling internet.

Of course, this was because the internet wrestling crowd is a group of reactionary morons.

“Bianca Belair was BURIED by Becky Lynch!”

“Lost in only 26 seconds?!?! What is WWE doing???”

“Wow, proud black champion taken out by the white girl on a big stage like she was nothing!”

“I wanted Becky back. But not like THIS!”

I was immediately able to hold myself together during this. Why? Well, consider the following factors:

  • This is scripted and not real, dopey.
  • Bianca’s character was scheduled to face an opponent, and at the very last moment, is facing a different opponent than she prepared for.
  • This “different opponent” is in fact Becky Lynch, who in kayfabe is neck-and-neck with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey as the greatest female stars on the roster.
  • By losing in 26 seconds, Bianca wasn’t “squashed”. She was “taken by surprise”.
  • And here’s the kicker, geniuses – WWE WANTED BECKY LYNCH TO TURN HEEL

So how do you do that? How would they ever get you to resent Becky Lynch? By getting her to destroy the new likable champion and “ruin” her dreams. And guess what?

It worked.

Critiquing The Story Halfway Through

I re-watched Avengers: Infinity War the other day. Wow. I can’t believe they put over Thanos! He destroys half of the population?! Spider-Man tearfully dies in Iron Man’s arms? I’m sorry, but that is awful. How can you just put ONE VILLAIN over the entire Avengers roster? What ridiculous writing.

Oh – oh wait a minute? There’s an Infinity War: Endgame? The story — continues?

This is what the internet wrestling crowd does. They judge the story the moment the story beats occur. So WWE has a beautiful, athletic, popular, young black star to appeal to mass audiences and they are going to squash her and job her out the door? Poor business, no?

In the meantime of the build-up to the Becky rematch at Mania, Bianca has:

  • Ended Survivor Series as the sole survivor
  • Gotten prominent roles on TV, including a much-shared KOD on Doudrop
  • Never loses
  • Seemingly on every poster or advertisement WWE has

Masterful Storytelling

Bianca and Becky are able to tell a story that the dentist in AEW will bleed all over her forehead wishing can be told.

Becky went through essentially a mid-life crisis. She was gone for a year, and terrified of the crowd forgetting her. At Wrestlemania 35, Becky Lynch, with “Cowboy” Bob in attendence at a rain-soaked, crowd-fatigued 14 hour Wrestlemania that led us finally to 2 nights, defeated both Charlotte and Ronda to win both Women’s Titles.

The year before that, at Mania 34, Becky was in the preshow. She can’t – and won’t – go back to that. She needs the belt back, and deep down, she knows damn well that she can not defeat the younger, faster, more athletic Bianca. So she has to show up as a surprise to steal the belt. She has spent the past half year ducking Bianca and doing everything in her power to try and keep her from a title shot, all the while getting more and more outlandish, arrogant and loud to overcompensate for her paranoia and fear.

Until Sunday, when she has no choice but to face her inevitable fate.

You can delete this blog as a bookmark if Bianca does not go over Becky as clean as clean can be to regain the title at Wrestlemania, and win her 2nd title in a prominent match at the most stupendous Wrestlemania of all time.

So much for a “Burial” and poor storytelling, huh, internet dorks?

One thought on “Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch Truly Proves The Internet Fans Are The Dumb-EST

  1. Hey there! Agree with everything here, and even more importantly Bianca has easily recovered from all of this into a rivalry with Bayley, who I truly enjoy seeing lose, so win-win.


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