WWE Monday Night Raw: September 16th, 2019 “Cowboy” Round-Up

Last night was an incredibly blah Clash of the Champions, that ended with a bang – a phenomenal Bray Wyatt reveal as Seth’s new challenger. Let’s see how (if) they capitalize on the delicious taste they left in everyone’s mouths. Abbreviated version today as Bob had to watch the Browns game to make sure Odell Beckham didn’t fuck me over in Fantasy Football after that 89 yard touchdown.

  • One of two things need to happen with this Bray thing. He is obviously the hottest act WWE has seen in quite a long time. I am completely fine with him being hot-shotted to the belt. Strike while the iron is hot. Ask Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe how well waiting went for them. If Bray loses, it’s a full-on, total disaster. The only other outcome I would accept, and this is courtesy of podcast partner Heartbreak Biz, is that Bray destroys Seth to a bloody pulp and then just vanishes. He doesn’t even care about the title. I feel like they wouldn’t do that, because the WWE top titles are supposed to mean more than your first born child, but it would establish Bray as an unpredictable agent of chaos. Plus, why would an evil demon clown want a belt anyway?
  • Listen to that FIREFLY FUNHOUSE POP. Holy shit. Sometimes, they get something right.
  • I love how Rambling Rabbit always cries for help.
  • Seth’s promos are terrible “Hey guys let me spell out for you all the storytelling from my Braun match”, but his reactions to Bray are sensational.
  • Bray threatens that maybe he’ll show up later to visit Seth again. I hope he doesn’t. The moment Bray/Fiend pop up on every show the mystique will be gone. I’m fine with Funhouse Bray on every show, but the Fiend should be very sporadic.
  • “Cowboy” fast-fowards Braun crap and 6 man tags.
  • King of the Ring finals in a throwaway random segment is a disgrace. How is this not main eventing?
  • Baron Corbin and Gable have a phenomenal TV match and Baron wins. You would have known this months ago if you followed good ol’ “Cowboy” Bob’s spot-on prediction.
  • I wonder if Corbin gets a stupid king gimmick now. He can probably pull that off, but he is so damn good in his normal role, why mess with it?
  • I think “jobber at the Maria Kanellis gender reveal party” is a new low.
  • Man, that Kanellis theme song. Don’t waste it. These two are gold.
  • Another Firefly Funhouse, scaring good ol’ “Cowboy” that WWE will now shove this down our throats.
  • Rusev back. Rusev without Lana. Meh.
  • Rey and Cesaro, bet it’s a decent match but it’s fast-forwarded due to Odell scaring me. Luckily, my team, Quontum Theory, is 2-0 and in first place. No harm done.
  • Fast forward to the end. Demon Kane is here. No idea how people still pop for this. He’s old and fat and in a cheap superhero costume.
  • Oh, duh. He’s the mayor. I forgot. I get it.
  • Before the fire though, the lights go out. It’s the Fiend.
  • They are hitting very dangerous territory here. Now we’ve seen this two days in a row. Each time it will lose its special feel. Please, please, please, I beg of you, tread lightly here. You struck gold. Be careful.
  • Man, Seth quivering as the Fiend stares at him is a very cool shot but makes Seth look like such an unbelievable pussy.

Super boring Raw that was dumb and painful to watch.

2 thoughts on “WWE Monday Night Raw: September 16th, 2019 “Cowboy” Round-Up

  1. Where’d you go? Missing your posts. Looking forward to hearing your take on HIAC, NXT on USA, and possibly even AEW Dynamite.


    1. Don’t worry, good sir. Just life getting busy and computer issues.

      However, as the Undertaker once said when Yokozuna sealed him in a coffin in 1993:

      “Be not proud, because the spirit of “Cowboy” Bob live within the souls of mankind, the eternal flame of life which cannot be extinguished, the origin of which cannot be explained. The answer lies in the everlasting spirit. Soon all mankind will witness the rebirth of “Cowboy” Bob. I will not rest in peace.”


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