WWE Smackdown Live “Cowboy” Bob Round-Up: September 3rd, 2019

After last night’s most entertaining Raw segment in recent memory, the heel turn of Bayley, hopefully we get a glimpse of a new, actually entertaining Bayley.

  • Bayley comes out with same exact entrance and same exact inflatable tube men to massive cheers. This is a horrible sign. If they chalk this up to another failed attempt to make Bayley “have an edge” it will be a disaster. I want a HEEL Bayley.
  • The criticism that the crowd cheered the heel turn last night, by the way, is not surprising to “Cowboy” Bob, nor a sign that the heel turn was a failure. Hardcore “Cowboy” Bob fans know that I am a stickler for heels getting booed. But the crowd is simply cheering because they are a live crowd and they saw something that was a major event in a storyline. They are happy to be there. That’s essentially going to be the result of every heel turn from now on.
  • What’s worrisome here is that Bayley is facing Charlotte at Clash of Champions and WWE legally can’t operate without clear heel vs babyface. And Charlotte is very heel by nature.
  • Decidedly split crowd.
  • The hope is that Bayley is not hot garbage on the mic in this role, and possibly is just a victim of WWE’s terrible babyface booking. This is a horrible start.
  • That was not good. A complete mess. Didn’t properly establish Bayley as a hatable heel. And it doesn’t help that she is essentially beating up another heel in Charlotte. Awful start.
  • Elias beats Ali. I love Elias, but the guy is treated like a jobber for months and now suddenly beats the guy clean who beat Buddy Murphy clean who beat Daniel Bryan clean. Kind of makes Murphy and Ali AND Bryan all look like losers.
  • Mandy Rose should never wear pants under any circumstances.
  • Fire & Desire pin the tag champs. “Cowboy” Bob is happy, as he is a long-time mark of both Mandy and Sonya. This is just for a successful title defense to be set up for Bliss/Cross, but hey, at least it takes them both out of jobber territory.
  • “It seems like everybody is picking on Chad these days”, says Corey about Chad Gable, also known as Robert Roode’s gay poolboy. I would love to see a “male-Carrie” type storyline where a bullied Chad Gable just totally snaps and destroys people in the ring much bigger than him in a malicious way, not a scrappy underdog cookie cutter way.
  • The “stupid” thing is stupid. Kofi botched 10 years ago and could’ve seriously hurt somebody.
  • Roman will face Erick Rowan in a match nobody asked for at the PPV. If they are smart, this is a Goldberg-esque 1 minute squash. If they are fucking stupid, it is a “Roman against all odds” struggle against the dominant big man.
  • Sensational near-fall as the pool boy hits that perfect moonsault on Andrade.
  • Zelina’s look of shock and horror as Gable rolls up Andrade for the stunning win is a thing of beauty.
  • Makes Gable look like a million bucks. Makes Andrade look weaker than a 4 foot 11 pool boy.
  • The Corbin win over Gable in the Finals is going to be…*chefs kiss*.
  • Shelton Benjamin comes out to job clean to Aleister Black as America wants, nay, demands to get the resolution to the crazy eyes angle.
  • I love that they finally, FINALLY, realize Nakamura could use a manager, but having such a great wrestler as Sami Zayn be used as a glorified manager is a bit sad. I mean, at least Sami is on TV.
  • Huge 24/7 mosh pit breaks out. Survive Bo!
  • Oh no, Drake wins it back.
  • I am biased, but Bo would have had a fucking hilarious run with that belt.
  • I’m legit a Roman Reigns fan now. Daniel Bryan is the best character in the company. It’s a crying shame that this is not a title feud.
  • Rowan destroying Bryan is fairly interesting, if not alarming. Nobody wants a babyface “lecturing-you-on-the-environment” character. Bryan will go from top of the “Cowboy” Bob Power Rankings to the bottom very fast.

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