The Protected Finish, Episode 3: “Fiends With Benefits”

Please have a listen to the latest episode of The Protected Finish! “Cowboy” Bob, Heartbreak Biz, Gabe “The Snake” and No-Sell Drew discuss the current state of WWE, the upcoming slate for Summerslam, Bray Wyatt, Becky Lynch and ask the burning question: Is AEW even good?

Have a listen here!

4 thoughts on “The Protected Finish, Episode 3: “Fiends With Benefits”

  1. I personally think AEW has potential, But I still prefer WWE, kinda wish they pushed less smaller guys, I, much like Vince McMahon, See it as more realistic for a larger guy to win


      1. I actually don’t mind Jimmy Havoc and Jungle boy, They have some pretty interesting potential, but right, Keep jungle boy in the tag scene, Thoughts on Jon Moxley outside of wwe so far?


      2. Keep Jungle Boy and the dinosaur as a “wacky” tag team and it’s fine. Jimmy Havoc needs to be headlining Hackensack High School’s Wrasslin’ Superstars indy show.

        Moxley’s debut was absolutely perfect. I think Janela is a jobber to have him sell too much to at Fyter Fest.

        Moxley vs Omega is low-key one of the most fascinating match finishes to book. A young organization that doesn’t want disappointing DQ finishes and has 2 of its most important stars facing this early. Especially in a company where they claim “wins and losses will matter”.


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