WWE Smackdown Live “Cowboy” Round-Up: July 30th, 2019

  • Hilarious start with Shane apologizing for not being at Smackdown. “I know this will disappoint a lot of people.” Who says WWE isn’t self-aware?
  • Would love to know the numbers on a pro wrestler saying that he will definitely NOT be on the show tonight, yet of course show up.
  • Trust me, I love that Kevin Owens is finally a babyface where he belongs, but it’s also quite humorous that the weaselly untrustworthy heel for the past 4 years suddenly cares about the talent backstage.
  • Drew McIntyre comes out to challenge Owens. “Oh you like that? Okay and—” Cheapshot. Love it. McIntyre is all aboard the Shane Express for stars getting over in this legendary heel run.
  • I love how there’s a backdrop from the 2nd turnbuckle. Commentator: “This HAS TO BE it”, even though no WWE match has ended outside of a finisher or a roll-up since 1993.
  • Stunner on the table. Doesn’t break. With both Owens and McIntyre’s weight on it? What is that table made of, adamantium?
  • Owens wins clean as clean can be. Sucks for McIntyre, but more definitive wins can only help WWE. That was a great match.
  • Man, that’s 2 references. Ziggler really hated that Goldberg match, huh?
  • I guess we’re going to ignore that Undertaker also dropped him right on his head for that tombstone, huh?
  • Bayley threatens Ember Moon with “retard strength” and then Ember gives her a weirdly sexual look as she exits.
  • Not sure what to make of these Aleister Black vignettes.
  • I’m an Ember Moon mark. She doesn’t really have a character though. Right now good ol’ “Cowboy” Bob has her on the CB Scale at 8 for Look, 4 for Promo, 7 in ring. A 19. Not quite ready yet for the championship.
  • Bayley’s gigantic ass is the elephant in the room for every match. She’s so wholesome and good, yet we have to pretend that gigantic butt is not there. I wonder if they ever have the guts to have a heel mention it on the mic.
  • And the problem with this match, and both women’s Summerslam matches, is evident instantly. Bayley vs Ember is the title match. Meanwhile Alexa and Nikki Cross are better and more entertaining performers than both.
  • Why the fuck didn’t WWE pull the trigger on a Summerslam program with Alexa as champ kicking Nikki to the curb as soon as she won the belt, and unleashing super-crazy-bitch Nikki on the world?
  • Alexa’s “aww are you CRYING?” hand-motion towards babyfaces will never, ever get old.
  • Bayley with the surprise Bayley-to-Belly on Ember for revenge. I wish it would lead to a heel turn with blow-up skulls and black entrance gear, but it will just still be Make-a-Wish Bayley.
  • Sami Zayn decides to pick out the next guy he wants to job clean to. He has chosen Aleister Black.
  • Roman Reigns has his Summerslam challenge tonight. Let’s all gather, my faithful blog readers, and pray that it is not Samoa Joe.
  • “Hey Trish, remember when I drooled all over your gigantic breasts for nearly a decade and screamed puppies until I had a heart attack?” — potential upcoming Jerry Lawler question
  • I’m glad they finally allow Jerry to wear a shirt for these segments.
  • Trish Stratus looking amazing at 63 or whatever she is.
  • As Trish humbly declines one more match, The Queen arrives with her wonderfully obnoxious ring gear. Thankfully, a reason now to watch Summerslam.
  • Heel Charlotte vs hometown Toronto girl Trish? SIGN UP GOOD OL’ “COWBOY”.
  • Now can we cancel Becky vs Nattie? You have your hometown pop.
  • “You don’t think you can hang with the Queen. So get out of MY ring, go into your minivan and go change diapers.” Glorious.
  • Love Trish, but she needed a lot more fire behind that “bitch”.
  • Now next week lets have Charlotte put Lita through a table and we are good to go.
  • AJ is great, but I think the United States championship is slightly more prestigious than World’s Greatest Grandpa.
  • I thought Rambling Rabbit was dead.
  • The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler announced for Summerslam. Wow. Amazing. I cannot wait for this very interesting match-up. I cannot contain my excitement.
  • At least Finn looks happy smiling in his little undies and leather jacket. Again, a fashion choice that doesn’t work in most locations outside of pro wrestling.
  • Lights go out mid-match just as Finn is about to do his extra-small undies flip over the ropes. This is smart, because you need to establish to the audience that something crazy can happen in every match.
  • Off the distraction, Dolph Ziggler wins his first match since Eddie Murphy was at the top of the box office with Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.
  • Kofi Kingston on AJ Styles saying he built Smackdown: “He can say it as many times as he wants to, but it doesn’t make it true.” Yeah, like saying you’re a legitimate champion every fucking week, Kofi.
  • Man this last match is running late. Are we going to get Roman’s announcement? PLEASE DON’T SAY SAMOA JOE.
  • Kofi beats AJ. I hope you’re happy, internet. You did this.
  • Oh no here comes Roman. PLEASE DON’T SAY SAMOA JOE.
  • Somebody dropped a thing on Roman as the interviewer badly acts.
  • Okay, “Cowboy” Bob is a sucker for wrestling “mystery” angles, but usually they end up along the lines of Rikishi’s “I DIDDIT – FAW DA RUCK.”
  • Holy shit, Shane McMahon really didn’t show up tonight! Put it in the books!

But who tried to murder Roman? A reason to tune in next week? What a novel idea!

21 thoughts on “WWE Smackdown Live “Cowboy” Round-Up: July 30th, 2019

  1. Loved this Smackdown, very self-aware especially with Charolette’s (All hail the queen) line about the additude era women’s division, even though I’d honestly love to see a female adopt a revival-esque gimmick of “I wanna bring back old women’s wrestling”, Even Bayleys big ass can’t save her from being my least favorite champion currently, Though I hope Ember loses so that someone more equipped and in need of a title reign can hold it (As the biggest mark for Mandy Rose I’d say her)


    1. Hey! I swear this was my idea for all of 2018!

      I had Nikki Bella in mind. I called the gimmick “Last Diva Standing”.

      Nikki Bella comes back, and she wants to bring sexyness back to the Women’s Division. Pins Charlotte. Throws the Women’s title in the trash. Brings back the Diva’s title. The women are suddenly fighting Nikki Bella, and for the honor of women competing everywhere. Writes itself.


      1. See I’m not the only one! I think Nikki was the best at the time, No better way to get heel heat then have her claim that “There is no women’s division! Just divas with an ego” hell for comedy maybe have her set a 5 minute time limit on a few matches to mimic the booked shortness of old women’s matches


      2. Yup! Maybe even take one of the “serious wrestlers” like Sarah Logan under her wing and “pretty her up” with makeup.

        The possibilities are endless.

        Can still do it with Mandy Rose!


  2. Another great article by the cowboy! Sad to see Charolette not in a Championship fued, though I guess trish can still hold up a decent match, Ember vs Bayley is still gonna be a better match than Becky vs Natalya though, so there’s that going for Smackdown fueds


  3. Ive kinda set myself a goal of being your most active follower! Considering that I enjoy your content more than anything, I also feel really bad about people calling you such horrible things, and apparently sending death threats


    1. You will one day be the GM of the CBWF (“Cowboy” Bob Wrestling Federation).

      People bash me because I advertise on Reddit, bu usually the ones who actually read the blog have positive things to say haha.

      I appreciate your readership!


      1. Thanks man! I mostly followed originally because your opinions interested me, and I have you to thank me for me liking Charolette so much, Though I still mark out the most for Mandy Rose


  4. What would you say your ideal roster is? Assume it’s 5 Main Eventers 10 Midcarders 5 Tag Teams and 10 Women


    1. What a question! I like it as a scenario where WWE has to, for whatever reason, trim the fat.

      Let’s pretend WWE wanted this to be their mega-roster for Smackdown Live on Fox.

      2 ground rules; I will not use anybody from NXT, and I do not consider Joh. Cena, Triple H, Ronda, Goldberg or Undertaker as full-time workers.

      Also, no particular order for each.

      Main eventers:

      Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan
      Mid-card Men:

      Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Andrade, Ricochet, Aleister Black, AJ Styles, McIntyre, Kevin Owen’s

      Tag teams:

      New Day, Usos, Revival, B-Team (not kidding, read my Bo Dallas blog!) And Heavy Machinery if I’m being nice.


      Charlotte, Alexa, Becky, Ember, Mandy, Sonya, Carmella, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Bayley because of pure workrate.

      Your thoughts?


      1. Interesting choices! I’d replace Bayley with Evans just because I prefer her though I understand why you picked her, I think War Raiders to replace Heavy Machinery since a heel team is good! Read the Bo Dallas blog and if the B-Team adopted that gimmick together I’d love it! Honestly I’d knock either Rollins or Bryan out of main and into mid, Move McIntyre up to Main Event, Carmella was a very interesting choice, mind explaining?


      2. Oh Lacey Evans absolutely makes my roster. Goodbye Bayley lol. War Raiders over Heavy Machinery I’m also down for.

        I am a gigantic Carmella fan. I actually think, outside of Charlotte and Ronda Rousey, that Carmella had the most entertaining title reign of any woman in 3 years. “I BEAT CHARLOTTE FLAIR AND ASUKA!!!” Too good.

        Also, what I love about Carmella is – she’s a survivor. The woman knows how to stay relevant. She looks at people who are seemingly afterthoughts in R-Truth and James Ellsworth, realizes they are entertaining, and utilizes them to her advantage. She’s phenomenal on the mic and has improved by leaps and bounds in the ring. CB scale: Look = 9, Promo = 9, In-ring 6. CB score of 24. (23 can be a champion)


      3. Yeah I definitely agree! Just always need a good reason!, Lacey is one of my favorites, her “Putting Seth’s name on her ass” thing at Extreme Rules was too hilarious and seeing people freak out a bit (from what I saw) was equally hilarious, Though it may just be my preference, happy to see so many blondes make the female roster!


      4. Oh and If you wanted to know my roster

        Main Event:
        Brock Lesnar
        Randy Orton
        Roman Reigns
        Drew McIntyre
        Braun Strowman

        Samoa Joe
        Finn Balor
        Bray Wyatt
        Aleister Black
        Bobby Roode
        Sami Zayn

        Tag Teams:
        War Raiders
        The Usos
        The Revival
        B-Team (Rebranded as two partly motivation partly psychotic guys)
        New Day

        Charlotte Flair
        Mandy Rose
        Alexa Bliss
        Lacey Evans
        Peyton Royce
        Ember Moon
        Becky Lynch
        Sonya Deville


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