One Last (Screw)Job: Vince, HBK, Bret & The Final Act of Kayfabe


Ocean's Eleven is one of the best action/heist movies of the 2000's. With George Clooney and Brad Pitt in their prime, it was funny, fast-paced and entertaining all the way through. The scene where George Clooney explains to Brad Pitt why they should rob 3 casinos for $150 million is one of my favorite film … Continue reading One Last (Screw)Job: Vince, HBK, Bret & The Final Act of Kayfabe

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Triple H Interrupts Stephanie McMahon & Test’s Wedding in 1999


We didn't know it back in 1999, but Triple H marrying Stephanie McMahon would legitimately end up being the defining angle of modern-day professional wrestling. At the time, we thought it was a fun, silly little segment. We also somehow immediately pushed aside that Triple H essentially made it sound as if he drugged a woman and raped her. But it was simpler times back then.

WWE’s Greatest Problem? Vince Hired the Wrong GM

Vince McMahon came out to Monday Night Raw, early in 2019, along with his family (Stephanie, Shane-o-Mac and Triple H) and declared that after Baron Corbin tanked the ratings as GM [honestly hysterical to blame your company failings on a fictional character], there would be a new GM in charge. That GM has made a ton of God-awful decisions, causing ratings to completely nosedive, apathetic crowds, and 20th Century FOX to go into a full-on panic.