AEW All Out “Cowboy” Bob Mini-“Round-Up”


I watched this live at "Heartbreak" Biz's house, alongside No-Sell Drew and "Bayley" Bailey the dog. I didn't have the ability to write my minutia-infused thoughts, but here are some general mini-thoughts on a show that essentially HAD to be a gigantic home-run with a major TV debut on the horizon: Pre-Show: Casino Women's Battle … Continue reading AEW All Out “Cowboy” Bob Mini-“Round-Up”

Alt-Wrestling: What is AEW Giving Me That WWE is Not?

It's no secret that WWE has gotten painfully stale. Every single Raw and Smackdown have exactly the same elements. We will have a long, drawn out promo to start the show, that usually sets up a completely meaningless 6-man tag match. When I watch Raw, I know that really only the only segments that matter will be at the top of each hour. I can freely fast-forward through then.